Service Options

Service Options

Planning a funeral service can be a very difficult process for families who have just lost a loved one. But it’s important to provide those who are grieving with a supportive environment in which they can begin to find closure, say goodbye, and come to terms with the loss. Gathering with friends and family gives everyone the opportunity to connect, share memories, offer words of sympathy, and create a lasting network of comfort and support as they start the journey toward healing.

Burial Services


Burial is the form of disposition where the body is buried in the ground or entombed above ground in a crypt.

Burial Services Options:

There are many variations of burial services from traditional ceremonies, to give direct burial with no ceremony.

Here are some examples:

  • Viewings and ceremonies at church or in our chapel,
  • Viewing with a graveside ceremony (using pallbearers and going in procession)
  • Direct burial with no ceremony,
  • The next day or day of, or you can have a private burial in the morning and later you can have a memorial ceremony at church or in our chapel.
  • Even if your family plot is outside the Richmond area or in another state, it would be our honor to escort your loved one to their place of rest.
  • With all these options you can have a catered meal at our establishment or a place of your choice.

Cremation Services


Dignified Cremations

To assure your loved one is being cared for appropriately, we follow a multi-point pre-cremation checklist.

Certified Experts

As members of the Cremation Association of North America and the International Cemetery, Crematory and Funeral Association, our staff receives certifications necessary to perform cremations. We strictly adhere to a Cremation Code of Ethics, an assurance to you of our integrity.

Understanding the Cremation Process

  • Cremation is the clean and ecologically safe process of reducing a body to its basic elements.
  • Only one deceased is cared for at a time at the cremation center from start to finish.
  • The deceased is identified and proper authorization is obtained.
  • The body is prepared and placed into a proper container.
  • The container with the body is moved to the “retort” or cremation chamber.
  • After cremation, the remains are further reduced to smaller particles
  • The cremated remains are transferred to either a temporary container or in an urn provided by the family.

When you don’t have someone to lead your service or ceremony, consider using a Celebrant

Who Needs a Celebrant?

  • Families who want a celebration of life versus a traditional religious ceremony
  • Families who identify themselves as “Spiritual but not religious”
  • Families who do not have a minister or church affiliation
  • Families who want a unique, personalized service
  • Families who want a Life Tribute experience the evening before a liturgical service

What is a funeral Celebrant?

A funeral celebrant is a qualified person who officiates funeral services by planning and overseeing funeral proceedings. Funeral celebrants conduct non-religious, semi-religious and spiritual funeral services. Many celebrants aim for the funeral service to be a ‘celebration of life’ that honors the person’s memory.

For more information on Bliley’s Celebrant

Spanish Interpreter

Bliley’s has a Spanish interpreter on staff to assistwith planning and family’s needs



There are countless ways to honor a loved one that will have special meaning to your family and friends.

Think about their favorite music, a special location, their hobbies, or a theme you might want to carry throughout a ceremony.

Music: have live music, ask a family member to play or hire a Bag pipers, organist, pianists, or guitarist.

Display arts, crafts, poetry or other personal artifacts that belonged to the deceased during the wake or service.

Decorate the casket or cremation container with messages, paintings or items.

Ask Guests to share a written memory of your loved one.

Invite guests to take an item home to remember your loved one, such as a recipe, a poem, bags of seeds, or a candle.

Playing favorite songs of the deceased's at the wake or during a memorial service.

Releasing doves or butterflies at the interment, as a celebration of the life and spirit of the deceased.

Using a personalized photo display, digital presentation or video memorials.

Family and friends writing letters containing their unspoken thoughts (personal, negative or positive), that are then placed in the casket with the deceased.

Home Funeral: A home funeral is what used to be called “a funeral,” since all funerals took place in the family home. Today it means choosing to keep a body at home after death, as opposed to having the body immediately picked up by a funeral home.

Green Funeral: The green burial definition is a natural burial that conserves natural resources, preserves the environment, and protects the health of industry workers. There is no vault and everything used for the burial, including shrouds, caskets or urns, must be non-toxic and biodegradable.

At Thumbies®, we create personalized jewelry keepsakes that create comfort and keep memories alive. Our team of artisans is in Woodstock, IL. The three aspects of our offering we are most proud of are:

  • Our uniquely skilled artisans, plus our proprietary process, enable us to create fully-cast pieces in seven days or less. (We offer alternatives for quicker turnaround.)
  • Because of our unique skills and manufacturing agility, we are the only jewelry keepsake company with the ability to create completely custom pieces.
  • The value we add to our Partners’ businesses is unique in our niche, and robust. We bring a little joy to people in need of comfort.

Personalization has no limits, our staff will assist you with creating a services that is meaningful and healing to your family and friends.


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