Grief Support

Grief Support

The following are some tools available to assist you in your healing journey. Contact us to discuss other resources and find a personalized solution to support you on the road to recovery.

Grief Support at Bliley's



WIDOW'S Tea Talk: from Grief to Growth

Meeting:              Every 4th Wednesday of the month at 2pm-3pm

Where:                 Blilley's 3801 Augusta Ave

Register               by emailing Jmoss@blileys.com

Group Moderator:  Ajai Blue Saunders

Ajai lost her husband suddenly in 2015 and would like the opportunity to connect with other widows to discuss the unique grief of losing a spouse. 

 This group is peer led and not led by a professional counselor. 

This group is open to the public and there is no cost to attend.


Men's Grief Discussion Group:  Surviving the Death of a Spouse

When:            1st and 3rd Tuesday of the Month 1pm-2pm

Where:           Bliley's 3801 Augusta Ave

Leader:           Luke Giannini, LCSW and Robert Schafer

Register to attend:  Email JMoss@bliley.com

  • This group is free
  • You may join at any time
  • Registration is required
  • The group will be honoring social distancing 


Grieving is a life process that is an essential part of the human experience. The physical absence of a loved one often leaves us with an empty feeling, as if part of us is no longer there.

Actively remembering the ones we have loved is what keeps them with us always.

While it may be painful to bring up these feelings of grief, acknowledging the death and your loved one in a positive way, truly helps work through those feelings.

Holding a funeral or memorial service for your loved one is a positive first step in the grieving process. In the days, weeks and months ahead, people continue to need others to lean on for understanding, encouragement, and guidance.

We want to be there for you each step of the way, and in doing so we have created various opportunities for you to receive that special support and care. It’s all about complete care.

Coping Strategies for Grief


Get moving – Get outside and/or get some exercise.

Eat and drink – Make sure that you are getting enough to eat and drink, and try to make healthy choices.

Rest – Get enough sleep; take breaks.

Memorialize – Find ways to honor your loved one and to keep his or her memory alive.

Breathe – Remind yourself to stop and take slow, deep breaths.

Meditate – Practice meditation, prayer, or other rituals from your faith tradition. This can be a source of strength and healing.

Seek support – Look for it in the various parts of your life, from friends, family, neighbors, your faith community, and co-workers.

Nurture yourself – Being in nature, taking a hot bath, being creative (painting, clay, music, etc.), getting a massage, gardening, going to a concert, reading, or any other activities that re-charge you.

Allow time off – Take time off from your routine, from your house, from your job, or even from your grieving for a while.

Play – Participate in sports, go shopping, socialize with friends, eat out, play video games, rent a movie, etc.

Use humor – Cultivate your own sense of humor and seek out opportunities to laugh or at least smile (reading the comics, watching a comedy, etc.).

Enjoy loved ones – Spend time with family and friends whom you love.

Write – Putting your thoughts and feelings down on paper can be healing and helpful.

Free Grief Counseling


Because we care about the families we serve...

We are offering every family we serve a free session of grief counseling at Full Circle Grief Center (a $60 value).

In this session, share your story of loss with a grief professional and get connected with help that's right for you.

Let us help you take the first steps on the path of your grief journey.

Schedule your Appointment today 804-308-0118 or Counseling@fullcircle.gc.org


 Community Groups & Resources

Bereavement Support Groups in the Richmond, Virginia Area.

General Loss


At Home Care
Adult support groups and educational in-services facilitated by bereavement counselors. Three eightweek sessions meet on Wednesdays beginning on 5/2, 8/1, and 11/7; 3-4:30 p.m. Blileys Augusta and 6:00pm-7;30pm at Bliley's Hull St Location. To register, call 804-358-3480

Bon Secours
Eight-week support groups facilitated by counselors in various locations. Specialty groups (young adults, LGBT), workshops, and other programs available.
804-433-4710 or Click here to Email us

Bryan’s Oasis
Retreat cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains for grieving parents. Hosted by Hank and Peggy Graeser to offer rest and hospitality.
Click here to Email us

Camp Kesem
Free week-long summer camp for kids ages 6-18 who have lost a parent to cancer, have a parent undergoing cancer treatment, or whose parent is a cancer survivor. Coordinated by trained college student leaders at the University of Richmond.

Comfort Zone Camp
Bereavement camps serving kids (ages 7-17) from all over the country; young adult programs (ages 18–25); Saturday family programs (ages 5 to adult). 804-377-3430

Crater Community Hospice
Adult support groups in Petersburg, Chester, and surrounding counties. Contact Patti Cox at 526-4300 or 840-6454

Eunice’s Circle of Friends
Monthly grief support group and social events. Fourth Thursdays from 6–7 p.m. at Care Advantage, 10041 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond. Contact Breanoh by clicking here.

Full Circle Grief Center
Eight-week support groups for children (ages 3-17) and their parent(s)/guardian(s); community and educational programming; loss-specific groups. Contact Britt Cowart, LCSW at 804-912-2947, x107 or sending us an email by clicking here.

Grief Share
Twelve-week Christian video series and holiday programs with discussion groups at local churches. Find specific locations at griefshare.org.

Grief Support Group
First and third Mondays, 7–8:30 p.m. at Huguenot Road Baptist Church. 804-272-2072

Heartland Hospice
Eight-week adult grief support group facilitated by staff. 10800 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond. Call 804-201-5957 for more information.

Homicide Support Group
For loved ones who’ve had someone die by homicide or a violent death. First Wednesdays, 5:30–7 p.m. at the Richmond Police Training Academy, 1202 W. Graham Rd., Richmond. Contact Officer McClarin at 804-646-6754.

Hospice of Virginia
Short-term grief groups three times a year at 2235 Staples Mill Rd., Richmond. Contact Andrea at 804-887-2486 or send us an email by clicking here.

James River Home Health and Hospice
Adult support groups.  Monthly grief support group the 4th Wednesday of each month at St. Mark's United Methodist Church on Lucks Lane from 2:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. Contact Christine Koogler at 804-346-7334.  Send us an email by clicking here.

Monthly grief group using Grief Share materials at Cool Spring Baptist Church. Contact Jerry and Patsi Deans, who are bereaved parents at 804-559-7622.

Medi Hospice
Eight-week bereavement support groups in Glen Allen facilitated by staff counselors. Contact Sam Maye at 804-282-4301.

Petersburg – Southside Regional Medical Center
Adult support group meets on the second and fourth Thursday of the month from 7-8 p.m. at Southside Rehabilitation Services, Colonial Heights Medical Park, 430 Clairmont Court, Suite 120, Colonial Heights. Contact Don Phelps at 804-765-5593.

Powhatan - St. John Neumann Catholic Church
Adult support group led by clergy and lay ministers who have experienced a loss. Meets on first Sunday of the month after 11 a.m. mass in Father Val Hall. RSVP clicking here.

Richmond Hill
Monthly drop-in support group on fourth Fridays from 10–11:30 a.m. Occasional day-long grief retreats. Church Hill area. Contact Sandy Gramling at 804-783-7903.

Tappahannock Grief Group
Bereavement group open to any grieving individual. Wednesdays 1–2 p.m. River Fitness Center, 1025 Hobbs Hole Dr., Tappahannock. Contact Kim Barker at Riverside Tappahannock Hospice, 804-443-6130.

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)
Offers grief support for those grieving the loss of a military loved one. Retreats, seminars, children’s programs, and online resources. 24/7 Helpline: 800-959-8277; Send us an email by clicking here.

Perinatal Death


Full Circle Grief Center
Eight-week grief support group for parents who are grieving the death of a baby due to late-term pregnancy loss, stillbirth, or prematurity. Facilitated by counselors with concurrent remembrance program for children. Contact Carrie at 912-2947, x115 or send us an email by clicking here.

MISS Foundation – Early Miscarriage
For women seeking support after the loss of a baby in early pregnancy. First Wednesdays from 6:30–8 p.m. at Healing Circle Counseling Office. Contact Linda by clicking here.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group
Monthly support group for parents and adult family members grieving the loss of a baby. First Thursdays from 6-7 p.m. at Henrico Doctors Hospital, Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute, 7607 Forest Ave., Suite 110. Contact Anna: 977-5862 or via email by clicking here.

Seasons of Grief by family extended
Seasonally offered perinatal loss grief support resource, which includes memento making. This activity is for all members of families grieving a pregnancy/infant loss. Children are welcome. Light refreshments and all supplies are provided. For information about workshop dates and times, send us an email by clicking here.

Death Of A Child


Compassionate Friends
Monthly support group and resources for parents, siblings, and grandparents who have experienced the death of a child (any age). Annual candle lighting service and remembrance walk. Facilitated by bereaved parents. Meets on the last Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m. at St. Matthias’ Episcopal Church, 11300 Huguenot Rd., Midlothian. 458-9000, send us an email by clicking here, or call 877-969-0010 for individualized resource packet.

MISS Foundation
Support for mothers and fathers enduring the death of a child of any age, from any cause. Third Mondays, 7–8:30 p.m. Send us an email by clicking here.

Sisters of Hope
A group of bereaved Christian moms gathering to offer support, encouragement, and hope. Monthly support group on second Tuesdays from 7–9 p.m. at Village Church, 233 N. Courthouse Rd., N. Chesterfield. Contact Kathy Brundage at 405-3001.

Death Of A Spouse


Healing Hearts Club
Social group for widows and widowers with monthly events at Huguenot Road Baptist Church. Call for dates or check calendar online. 272-2072

Support for Widowed Spouses
Nine-week bereavement program held evenings two times per year. Spring Group starts in March in Westover Hills. For more information, contact Belinda Early at 513-5772 or email by clicking here. Fall Group starts in October in Bon Air. For more information, contact Elaine Nowinski at 272-7787 or via email by clicking here.

Widowed Support Group
Six-week support group in Chesterfield for those who have faced the death of a spouse. For more information and to register, call Morrisett, 275-7828.

Young Widows or Widowers
Support and social outings for ages 25–65 on second Tuesdays. Contact Tammy Smith at Richmond YWOW, 201-5741.

Death By Suicide


Full Circle Grief Center
Eight-week grief support group for adults grieving the death of a loved one by suicide. Facilitated by counselors with possible concurrent remembrance program for children. Contact Maryse at 912-2914, x114 or via email by clicking here.

James River Home Health and Hospice/NAMI Support group
On first Thursdays, 7-8 p.m., Monument Heights Baptist Church, 5716 Monument Ave., Richmond (second floor, first door on right). Contact Alane Cameron Ford, 801-4511 or via email by clicking here..

Survivors of Suicide
Monthly support group on fourth Thursdays, 7–8:30 p.m. at Iron Bridge Church, 10900 Iron Bridge Rd., Chester. To register, contact Greg Webber from Morrissett at 275-7828.

Survivors of Suicide Loss
Monthly support group on third Thursdays, 6:30–8p.m. at the Pusey House, 2705 Park Ave., Richmond. This is an open group, all are welcome, no registration needed. Call peer facilitator Ren Bell at First Baptist with questions, 548-6670.

Death By Overdose


Full Circle Grief Center
Eight-week grief support group for individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved one by overdose. Facilitated by counselors. For more information, contact Stacia at 912-2947, x104; or via email by clicking here..

Online Resources


Bereavement Resource Manual
This resource has been created and produced by professionals from Full Circle and brings together all of the available local resources as well as age-appropriate grief education. Geared toward professionals, grieving families, and people supporting those who are grieving.

HelloGrief.org by Comfort Zone Camp
Articles on this online forum discuss the impact of loss, ways to help grieving persons cope, and how to build a community of support for those living with grief. Teen friendly.

Grief Anonymous (GA) & Grief Resource Network (GRN)
GA and GRN are online grief resources looking to connect individuals with others who’ve had a loss or are experiencing anticipatory grief. GRN connects individuals to local groups and professional resources, and houses a grief resource library, archive of grief research, and a database of national crisis hotlines. GA is also on Facebook with a Family Hub that offers multiple specific groups, including loss of spouse/partner, child, or parent.

This web site promotes grief education, exploration, and expression in both practical and creative ways.

Overdose Loss Support Group (GRAPLE)
Support group for anyone who has lost someone to substance abuse or addiction. Tuesdays from 7–8 p.m. at the McShin Foundation, 2300 Dumbarton Rd., 3rd floor conference room, Richmond. Contact Tracy Grow at 229-5024 or via email by clicking here.

Additional Group Resources


Bereavement Coalition of Central Virginia
A network of counselors, chaplains, hospice professionals, bereavement volunteers, and support group leaders who meet on the second Friday of the month from 8:30-10 a.m. to discuss current bereavement services in the area and professional educational resources. Contact us via email by clicking here to be added to the email list for upcoming meeting information and other program announcements.

Mind-Body Art Therapy Groups for Self-Care Offered by Zoe Therapy Services – Becky Jacobson, MA, ATR, LMT
These groups are great for caregivers, and those who have lost a loved one and are in need of extra support. The groups combine meditation, mindfulness techniques, and creative selfexpression. Each group enables participants to reconnect with the Self, to rebuild inner-resilience, and offers a quiet and therapeutic space to regroup and heal. Contact us via email by clicking here.

RVA Death Café
All faiths and cultures are invited to this open discussion about death and dying. The dialog is casual and group led. Please note this is not a specific bereavement support group. Info about death cafes at DeathCafe.com. Upcoming info posted on facebook group: RVA End of Life Network. Contact Shelby with Peaceful Passings at 502-3667.

Grief Support in Hampton Roads
Bon Secours has a Bereavement Center serving the Hampton Roads area providing support groups, programs, and referrals; programming for children and young adults. 757-947-3420

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