Ceremony Support

Ceremony Support

When you don’t have someone to lead your funeral ceremonies.

Who Needs a Celebrant?


  • Families who want a celebration of life versus a traditional religious ceremony
  • Families who identify themselves as “Spiritual but not religious”
  • Families who do not have a minister or church affiliation
  • Families who want a unique, personalized service
  • Families who want a Life Tribute experience the evening before a liturgical service

What Is a Funeral Celebrant?


A funeral celebrant is a qualified person who officiates funeral services by planning and overseeing funeral proceedings. Funeral celebrants conduct non-religious, semi-religious and spiritual funeral services. Many celebrants aim for the funeral service to be a ‘celebration of life’ that honors the person’s memory.

Why Use a Certified Celebrant?


The training for Celebrants established by the In-Sight Institute seeks to provide the most comprehensive and sensitive training available. It is important that you and your family know that you are being served by someone who understands the process and is prepared to offer the very best service possible.

What Does a Celebrant Offer a Family?


A celebrant has been specifically trained to design a service for your loved one that is completely personal, incorporating those unique stories, songs and experiences that defined the person you loved.

  • A Celebrant will schedule time with your family to share memories, anecdotes and special moments from your loved one’s life. The essence of the service will be based upon the remembrances of the family.
  • The Celebrant will consult with you to help design a service that best reflects and memorializes the life of your loved one.
  • The Celebrant can serve at a funeral service, memorial service, graveside service, anniversary tribute, tree planting, bench dedication or any other gathering designed to honor the deceased

What Is The Cost?


The celebrant will spend between 8-10 hours in preparation for your Funeral Ceremony. She will maintain a resource library and participate in on-going training. The fee for our Funeral Celebrant is $450.00.

How Do You Arrange To Use Our Funeral Celebrant?


Once you have made the decision to have our Celebrant lead your funeral ceremony, your Director will immediately be in touch with Olivia Bauer to determine her availability. Olivia will call you to have an initial conversation. She will set up a time to meet with you and your family so that you might share with her the stories and anecdotes that are so precious to your loved one’s life. She will work with you to plan the Funeral Ceremony.

Olivia Bauer
Funeral Celebrant

Olivia is Bliley’s full-time funeral celebrant, helping families plan and celebrate a funeral or memorial service for their loved one that is profoundly personal and meaningful. Olivia is an ordained interfaith minister and board certified chaplain, with over ten years’ experience in hospice care and grief counseling. She works with families of all backgrounds and affiliations, including those who are spiritual but not religious, and those wanting an entirely secular service.

Olivia will schedule a special meeting with your family where she will listen to your stories and invite family members to share memories, anecdotes and special moments from your loved one’s life. Olivia will guarantee that the needs of your family and the desires of the deceased are honored through clear and ongoing communication with you. She brings a treasure of resources and experience as together you plan a meaningful experience. With Olivia, each funeral ceremony honors the life of the deceased. The time she spends with your family and the celebration of your loved one’s life offers the opportunity to begin the healing process so necessary for you and your family’s lives.




"I really don’t have the words to describe our meeting today; you did an awesome job facilitating the discussion about my dear Deb. It has been a really tough three weeks and you allowed us to come together and talk about her as a family - we hadn’t been able to do that yet since she died. It means so much to me." 
– Randy


"I just wanted you to know how much we all appreciate the effort & time you put into TJ’s service. It was very beautiful & helped us make it through such a difficult day. Many of those who attended mentioned later how much your words meant to them. You have such a special gift & I thank you for sharing it with us."
– Denise


"The service you put together was beautiful. You perfectly captured Kevin and the way he lived his life."
– Cleita


"Thank you for all of your work on the service for David. I've received so many messages saying how wonderful the service was and how perfect a reflection of him. We truly appreciate what you do and how easy you made getting this all together for us."
– Tina


"Thank you for conducting such a nice service for Peg. I received many compliments about the service from family and friends. Peg would have liked it."
– Bill


"I wasn’t sure about having someone who didn’t know him do John’s service. But you have a knack for listening, and you managed to capture exactly what was so special about him. You spoke with such kindness and caring, and you made us feel like John was special to you, too. I really believe you care about people and the work you do – and it makes such a difference." 
– Cynthia




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